Everquest Beastlord AA

Welcome to my beastlord AA chart site

Here you will find charts with information for the Beastlord class AA and the Alt Activate #s.


 Sorry, But I will no longer be updating my AA charts.

I do not play actively any longer.

My apologies to any who depend on my charts for information. 

My files for the charts are available for any who wish to update on their own.



Beastlord AA Chart

Rof AA Chart

AA Activate List


This AA chart was made possible through a co-operative effort by Nusa, Mazame, and Nedoirah (me). 

The Alt Activate list was made possible by many beastlord friends from the Beastlords Den and myself.


Keep in mind that not all information posted may be 100% accurate. There may be some errors either in description or cost. You will need a PDF reader to view the page.


Most of you visiting this site will likely be coming from the Beastlords Den hosted by Jaeren. If not, then please visit that site. We are a friendly community and actively support each other.


Please e-mail me or contact me through the Beastlords Den for the Excel files if you wish to download/modify for your own private purposes. Please respect that this chart is my work supported by members of the Everquest online community. If you choose to publish this information/chart on the web please don't claim as your own work.



I'm not employeed by Sony Online Entertainment nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I'm simply a gamer who has taken time out of my own schedule to create this list and in no way intended to infringe on copyright laws. This information posted is for other EverQuest players to learn more about the game AA system for Beastlords. Beastlord(s), Alternate Advancement, and EverQuest are trademarks of Sony Online Entertainment.